Winners for the 2019 BVAA Spectacular Spring Show

Here are the winning artwork items for the 2019 BVAA Spectacular Spring Show! The judge for this show was talented artist Ria Hills – visit her page at

First Place – Al Weems – Face Dancer. “Everything here is beautiful. The composition is perfect. The technique is great. The image as a whole draws me in to investigate it. “

Second Place – Michele St. Pierre – Twilight Blooms. “The composition is wonderful. The colors used work well together. The special details such as addition of yellow dots really brings it to life. “

Third Place – Lynn Randolph – Brotherly Love – “The entire piece is beautifully executed, from the layout to colors to technique.”

Honorable Mention – Carol Frieswick – Foppema’s Orchards – “Special note is given to the looseness of the trees in the background. “

Honorable Mention – Laura O. Cenedella – Great Point Lighthouse – “She achieved a lot of realism without a lot of detail – a great balance. The scene echoes with traditional quintessential New England charm.”

Honorable Mention – Bob Evans – Power in Shadow – “A powerful piece which draws you in with its great capture of light, shadow, and composition. It makes the viewer curious and drawn in to examine it more closely. “

Here’s the full details on the Spectacular Spring show 2019!

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