BVAA Series Art Show

The Blackstone Valley Art Association is sponsoring an art show which celebrates the magic of creating artwork in a series.

This show is for all BVAA members to participate in. You can submit two or three artwork items as your series. They can be related to each other in any way that you wish. It’s wholly up to you to define the theme of your series.

You can mix your artwork styles. Do one photo, one sculpture, and one watercolor painting. Explore your creativity!

April 3 to May 11, 2019

BVAA / Open Sky Uxbridge Community Art Gallery
5 South Main Street
Uxbridge, MA 01569

There is a TON of free parking immediately next to this building. It is fully and easily handicapped accessible.

BVAA Alternatives Uxbridge Community Art Gallery Information

Each BVAA member may exhibit up to three art items. These will be judged *as a series* (i.e. one prize for a whole group) for cash prizes. Note that because we’ve never done a series show before, you CAN submit items which you’ve submitted for judging before. This time they’ll be judged as an entire series. Also, when you submit items to this show as part of a series you CAN then submit them separately for a future show as individual items. This here is a fairly unique show in that we’re judging the art items as one coherent “group”.

Entering the Show
The entry fee for this show is $20 for up to three pieces. Note that you can’t submit just one item :). It needs to be 2 or 3 items which relate to each other. They can be presented together if you wish, as in a triptych frame.

Artwork can be any size. That being said, please contact us first if you plan on bringing anything over 20″ x 30″ in size. We need to arrange for space for those separately.

All art must be family friendly and properly wired for hanging. Our hanging system does not work with saw-tooth or triangle hangers. If you are new to preparing art for shows, read our page on How to Mat and Frame a Photo. Please also check out our Show Terms and Conditions. This includes all details including the 25% commission for any sales of exhibit artwork in the gallery. You may also choose to have your artwork listed as not for sale.

All art items which are entered are hung. There is no “pre-selection” process where some are accepted and others are rejected. If you submit artwork, and it is family-friendly and wired properly, it will be part of our show.

Some reading material:
Stephen DiRado Photography Alzheimer’s Series
January 2019 Monthly Meeting – Photography in Series

To submit your entries use our BVAA Online Submission Form. The deadline to submit your details is midnight on Saturday, March 30th, 2019. Work must be dropped off by Saturday, March 30th, 2019 at 3pm. All work which is brought in will be hung (as long as it is properly wired and is family-friendly).

We will hang the show on Wednesday April 3rd from 4-6pm. We’d love to have you join us!

Judge to be announced

Opening Reception
The opening reception for the show is Friday, April 5th, 2019 from 5-7pm. Invite family and friends – all are welcome!

Pick Up
Saturday, May 11th, 2019, from 10am to 3pm. If you aren’t able to make that, please contact us for other arrangements.

Address any questions via our BVAA Contact Information

Ask with any questions! We look forward to seeing your entries!

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    1. Ooops sorry about that. I fixed the wrong date. MARCH 30th. MARCH 30th :).

  1. Hi and thanks
    Been meaning to come to a meeting and join however the weather in the winter makes me want to snuggle up and stay in. I’ll be there on the 19th. Would you please add me to you’re email mail/ event list.
    Carlie DeGaetano

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