Open Paint Session – Sat March 3 2018

Explore your creativity! Come join us for an open paint session. Come and go whenever you wish in the 10am to 3pm time period. Bring your own supplies or we’ll have watercolors available for those without. It’s fine to bring a snack if you want. There’s food options right next door, too.

If you’re able to come between 10am and 1pm, Carol Frieswick will be working on creating a color chart. This is where you create a visual reference of all your paint combinations, to know what shades they make. Here is an example done with watercolors. For watercolors you use a brush and your favorite colors.

Watercolor Color Chart

Carol says for acrylics and oils: Supplies- small pallet knife, the colors you use most often plus white, I’m using a pad of canvas paper, but they suggest pieces of gator board or something sturdy that will last you a long while. I don’t have a long while left to paint, so I’m going for convenience. I will put them in a 3-ring binder. To see the importance of doing them and the how to, watch the YouTube video — Making color charts by Thomas Baker. I will bring my Alla Prima Book so we can have something to compare our colors with.

If you’d like to make your own color chart, too, that’s fine. If you’d rather just paint, that’s great, too! Get feedback and encouragement! Teens and up welcome!

Saturday March 3rd, 2018
10am – 3pm

BVAA Alternatives Uxbridge Community Art Gallery
5 South Main Street
Uxbridge, MA 01569

There is a TON of free parking immediately next to this building. It is fully and easily handicapped accessible.

BVAA Alternatives Uxbridge Community Art Gallery Information

This fascinating creative adventure is free and open to the public. It would be helpful if you registered beforehand, but if it’s spur of the moment, that’s fine too.

BVAA Online Registration Form

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