AuthorStock 2018 – Sat March 3 and Sun March 4

It’s here! That amazing time of year! It’s AuthorStock 2018, happening Saturday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th, 2018. There are workshops, readings, seminars, how-tos, and much more! A share of proceeds benefits the Blackstone Valley Art Association!

Millbury Barnes & Noble
The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley
Millbury, MA

Over 30 authors from various genres confirmed!

-Saturday, 3/3 -Session 1 (12-2pm)
Mark Binder
April Jones Prince
Robbin Miller
Michael Bailey
Faith Lucille
Paula Sullivan

-Saturday, 3/3 -Session 2 (3-5pm)
Arthur Martin
Shawn P Flynn
Connie Bombaci
M.P. Barker
Michael DeSefano
Mary Lawrence
Lisa Shea
Heather Smith

-Sunday, 3/4 -Session 1 (12-2pm)
Rob Vlock
Jarrett Lerner
Gail Olmsted
Lisa Kramer
Mandi Lynn
Shari Ryan
Danielle Tannous
David T Lee
Laura T Lee

-Sunday, 3/4 -Session 2 (3-5pm)
Carolyn Jaymes
Diane Lewis
Lisa Shea
Deborah Lynn
Magarette Boutillette
Christine Beauchaine
J.E. Brink
Forshia Ross
Jane Nozzolillo

-Schedule of Activities and Presentations
-Saturday, 3/3
12:15 PM – April Jones Prince (Reading + Activity)
Join April for a special reading of Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates, where kids are invited to “join the crew” by choosing a pirate name and drawing themselves into the story!

12:30 PM – Robbin Miller (Reading)
Join Robbin for a reading of Playgroup Time!, where EJ meets a new friend, Lewis, in a weekly playgroup who is crying and clinging to his mother. EJ runs over with a big smile on his face to show Lewis how much fun playgroup can be through adventure and a few itty bitty mishaps to make new friends.

12:45 PM – Mark Binder (Presentation)
Join Mark as he talks about how he makes the connection between different age groups when writing.
From The Zombie Cat to Bed Time Stories: Books for All Ages

1:00 PM – Michael Bailey (Presentation)
Michael presents an overview of the cover art creation process, one of those aspects of self-publishing that might not have to do directly with writing but is still an essential part of producing a book.

1:15 PM – Faith Lucille (Reading with Q & A)
Do you want a break from the monotony of your boring and pathetic life? Do you have a difficult time stifling laughs at funerals and other inappropriate places? Generally, do you like to find the funny side of things? If so, this is the book for you.

2:00-3:00 PM – Meet the Author Q & A Happy Hour

3:15 PM – Shawn P Flynn (Presentation)
Join Shawn as he talks about cats, cat quotes from famous people throughout history (i.e., Sigmund Freud said, “Time spent with cats is never wasted”), how people and other influences impact our life, and their effects.

3:30 PM – Connie Bombaci (Presentation)
Join Connie as she discusses the reasons she wrote Hogan’s Hope, a short reading, and a demonstration with Judea, her deaf service dog on how deaf dogs can learn.

3:45 PM – Arthur Martin (Reading with Q & A)
It was Art’s intrigued with roots: roots of religion, roots of family, and roots of life in America during the early 1800’s that lead him to write his first novel, “Summer of 1840,” a historical fiction based on a simple letter entitled “Happiness,” written by Lucinda Bixby on November 4th, 1840. He discovered the letter in a small leather chest, uncovered while he was restoring Lucinda’s house in Millbury, MA

4:00 PM – M.P. Barker (Presentation)
M.P. Barker is a historical consultant and author of two historical novels. Join her as she discusses the pleasures and pitfalls of turning historical fact into historical fiction

4:15 PM – Michael DeSefano (Reading + Performance)
Michael will describe the synopsis of the book, read a portion regarding the musical tie-in, and play some of the music composed along with the book. Get a free CD of the music with every signed book purchased!

4:30 PM – Heather Smith (Reading with Q & A)
A reading of A Song in the Rain, the first novel written by Heather Smith, a young engineer and alumna of Virginia Tech. Followed by Q & A.

4:45 PM Mary Lawrence (Reading)
Mary will introduce her series of books and then read from Death at St. Vedast.

Sunday, 3/4

12:15 PM – Danielle Tannous (Reading)
Join Danielle for a special reading of her children’s book, Niko and His Magical Earmuffs. A magical journey that all began when a dog fascinated with his most prized possession, a pair of earmuffs, discovers a secret box in the attic which will unveil a world of unlimited possibilities

12:30 PM – David T Lee & Laura T Lee (Presentation and Reading)
Join David and Laura, who published their first books at age 7 and 10, as they discuss their journey as child authors with readings of featured selections.

12:45 PM – Jarrett Lerner (Presentation)
Join Jarret as he discusses aspects of his book in detail, WHY he choose to write about what he did, relate it to writing, discussing his writing process and pull-back-the-curtain on the whole book-writing/book-making process.

1:00 PM – Mandi Lynn (Presentation)
Mandi Lynn shows how to use YouTube & social media to promote books and find new readers.

1:15 PM – Lisa Kramer (Presentation)
Join Lisa, author of P.O.W.ER, for a writing activity exploring character development

1:30 PM – Gail Olmsted (Reading with Q & A)
Join Gail for a reading from her book Jeep Tour followed by Q & A.

1:45PM – Shari Ryan (Reading)
Join Shari for a background of her book, Last Words with a reading.

2:00-3:00 PM – Meet the Author Q & A Happy Hour

3:15 PM – Christine Beauchaine (Reading)
Christine will read from her book Winds Of Providence: A Novel of the Hurricane of ’38 and a preview of her soon to be published book.

3:30 PM – J.E. Brink (Video Presentation)
James present aspects of his book along with discussion on Artificial Intelligence, and Q & A.

3:45 PM – Diane Lewis (Presentation)
Join Diane as she conducts mediumship (connecting with someone crossed over) for one individual in the group.

4:00 PM – Magarette Boutillette (Reading + Performance)
Join Magarette for a musical performance with tie in to her book.

4:15 PM – Forshia Ross (Workshop)
Join Forshia for a workshop on overcoming depression with a free workbook for attendees.

4:30 PM – Jane Nozzolillo (Reading)
Meet 91 yr old author, Jane Nozzolillo as she reads from her book ‘Tales of Vintage Hollow Books 1-5.”

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The Blackstone Valley Arts Association!***

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