Millbury Chain of Lights 2016


The Millbury Chain of Lights takes place on Sunday, December 4th, 2016! The time is 11-4pm. The BVAA will be offering artwork at the Millbury Public Library. Bin art and cards do well here!

There is no fee for BVAA members to participate!

Drop-off to set up will be Friday 12/2 from 4 to 5:45pm. That way we don’t have worry about it on Saturday when we have the Atria show running. And pickup is Sunday 12/4 at 3:45 as they are closing up for 4pm.

Please use the online submission form to submit your entries – they need to be in by MONDAY NOVEMBER 28 2016! You don’t need to use the form for bin art and other smaller stuff – just the hanging items.

Here’s the Facebook page for the Chain of Lights full schedule:

Millbury Chain of Lights 2016 on FB

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