Hopedale Christmas Stroll / Atria Draper 2016


The BVAA will be participating in an art show to coincide with the Hopedale Christmas Stroll! Our venue is the Atria Draper building.

It is FREE To participate!

We will set up the show on Wednesday, November 30th. Dropoff will be 4-6pm.

Our current plan is for an opening reception on Thursday, December 1st from 6-7:30pm.

The show will be live for the Christmas Stroll which is on Saturday, December 3rd.

We will then take down the show on Monday, December 5th. Pickup will be 4-6pm.

We will be awarding ribbons at the show but since it’s free to enter there will be no cash prizes.

Please use the online submission form to submit your entries – they need to be in by MONDAY NOVEMBER 28 2016!

Please print out this flyer and hang it around your area!

Photos from the Atria Draper 2016 Show

Hopedale Show 2016 Flyer PDF

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