Photographing Art Work by Al Weems

BVAA member Al Weems presented a master class on how to photograph artwork for our April meeting.

This was very interesting and Al gave us many tips on how to effectively shoot artwork. Points to note include:

  • Avoid glare
  • Control your light with reflective panels
  • Keep the camera and artwork parallel to each other and at the same height
  • Ensure even illumination (check with an exposure meter if you have one)
  • For submissions do not include the frame, for sales of mounted artwork include the frame
  • If 3D artwork extends beyond the main boundary of the artwork then shoot on a neutral backdrop so item can be silhouetted in PS
  • Colour matching is critical, always shoot in raw and use a colour checker ( I use the Color Checker Passport by XRite) to select neutral 18% grey and adjust in PhotoShop/LightRoom
  • If colour accuracy is essential then ensure you use a calibrated monitor and printer and/or select a professional print house
  • Always use a tripod, never shoot handheld
  • Photographing glass artwork is a challenge-may need to mask camera in black and use black clothing to prevent reflections.

Also, great LED worklights are available from Home Depot

There are many apps for the iPhone (and Android) which can measure colour temperature.

Great presentation Al and thank you from everyone

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