Worcester-Norfolk District Art Contest

State Senator Ryan C. Fattman is running an art contest for his Worcester-Norfolk district. Anyone who lives in the district can participate.

The theme is the district – anything representing the landscape, historical figures, wildlife, or other aspects. The art can be in most formats – paintings, photography, sculpture, etc.

To enter, send a 1mb JPG of the artwork to Benjamin.mitchell AT masenate.gov

The deadline is April 1, 2016.

Update from the Senator’s chief of staff:

The rights would be yours, and we would display the work through the year if possible. It would not be used for anything else other than display purposes. We don’t have a maximum size. We will leave it to your discretion.

3 thoughts to “Worcester-Norfolk District Art Contest”

    1. I know they did a second round of whittling and asked those people for artist’s statements about their work. They didn’t inform everyone else that they hadn’t been selected, though. And it appears they have now chosen the final group and invited them out to the State House – but again they didn’t inform even those who had written artist’s statements that they hadn’t been chosen. So they could do a bit better on their communication :).

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