BVAA 2016 Calendar Project

A number of BVAA members have asked about us doing a 2016 calendar of our artwork. The first step is to gather up the artwork! The images should be landscape in orientation. We’ll do it with CafePress. That way it’s print-on-demand so there is no up front fee for the BVAA nor any requirement to order a minimum volume. You can see what their calendars look like here –

You want to aim for a ratio of about 1.28 for width to length but if that’s confusing, don’t worry. Just choose landscape images and if your image is chosen we’ll help with the details.

Post the images you’d like to be considered in this Facebook thread:

Please have them posted by December 1st.

If we get 12 or more members participating then we’ll aim for each member to be represented, as best we can.

Ask with any questions!

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