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Here is the full list of upcoming events hosted by the Blackstone Valley Art Association.


Event Information

  • Sat

    Open Paint – Black and White Photography – Street Photography

    10am - 3pm BVAA Alternatives Uxbridge Community Gallery 5 South Main Street Uxbridge, MA 01569

    If you’re interested in photography, painting, drawing, and illustrating, we have the perfect Saturday lined up! It’ll be a great time with laughter, conversation, creativity, and the space to stretch out!

    There are three components to our Saturday of events.

    Open Paint 10am-3pm
    First, for the entire day, it’s an open paint! All are welcome, including the public, family, and friends! It’s free! If the main room gets busy with photography, we have the back conference room dedicated for the painters. We have watercolors and acrylics on hand, or bring your own if you wish.

    Black and White Photography 10am-noon
    What is it about black and white photography? It can help us see the textures and shadows of images where normally color might complicate things. It can also bring a starkness and seriousness to the topic. Come play with us and learn more about the world of black and white!

    Street Photography 1-3pm
    Street photography isn’t about taking photos of the actual street :). Street photography is the term used to get photos of “real life happening all around us.” It’s the mother walking down the street tugging at her daughter’s hand while she stares at her smart phone. It’s the stray dog hoping for a treat. It’s about the normal daily life all around us. How do you make it real and visible?


    Open Paint – Black and White Photography – Street Photography Sat Jan 18 2020

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