Call to Artists Healing Fibers: Picture Medical Justice. Exhibition

Call to Artists from the Sprinkler Factory in Worcester!

Healing Fibers: Picture Medical Justice.

Exhibition Dates: July 7th -29th, 2018
Sprinkler Factory, Worcester, MA.

Artists are invited to submit art that addresses personal health stories of themselves or relatives. Or, art that might pose a question or solution to the crisis of health care in the United States. Artists are welcome to participate with up to three pieces addressing the above theme. Art can be of any medium (drawing, sketching, painting, mixed media, collage, prints, photography, sculpture, video, craft, weaving, basketry and assemblage).

All art should contain fiber in some capacity such as photographs can be printed on Japanese fibrous paper; videos can be projected on fibrous sheets: be creative!

During the reception, there will be Best in Show and Best in Show by popular vote. In conjunction with the art exhibit they welcome professionals, writers, poets, speakers, musicians, dancers, and storytellers to participate in the event during the month of July 2018 on the weekends from 1PM-4PM.

If you would like to participate, or if you recommend somebody, contact:

Deadline: May 18, 2018

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