Mike Zeis Photography Notes

Mike Zeis

We had a wonderful group of photographers give presentations at the January 16, 2018 Photography Meeting about various aspects of photography.

Here are the notes from Mike Zeis!

Mike Zeis (mike@zeisphotos.com)
BVAA Photography Meeting, 1/16/18

Top points (for me, anyway)

• Capture RAW images (DNG on Nikon, CR2 on Canon. I’ve set my iPhone to save DNG and a JPG). TIFF is an OK alternative to RAW.

• Expose for the highlights, because blown-out highlights can be a show-stopper.

• High ISO (sensitivity) often means high noise. Although cameras on phones have an exposure adjustment, I prefer to control ISO and shutter speed manually, using apps. (I didn’t mention in my talk, but there is in-camera HDR software, which theoretically stitches bright, medium, and dark exposures together, and saves the result as a JPG. You can set the camera to store the original unenhanced JPG in addition to the HDR version. I think three RAW exposures give you lots more control over the final image than a single JPG provides.)

• Because I shoot in low-light situations, I need a shutter speed that is slow enough to allow me enough time to manually fire an off-camera flash.



1. Advanced iPhone Camera Controls For DSLR Photographers


2. “….. computational photography, which combines multiple exposures or lenses or both to produce synthesized images and video….” taken from:






Slow Shutter Cam



Post processing:

Noise Ninja (Picture Code’s Noise Ninja has become Photo Ninja. The no-longer-supported “legacy” version which I use is available for free. I’ve got to assume that they have improved noise reduction considerably since the produced the old version that I still use.)





(Lisa adds a comment that for Android users, take a look at Open Camera which is free. It lets you adjust shutter speed and all sorts of other things)

January 16, 2018 Photography Meeting

Also be sure to take a look at our full page of

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