Photography Cheat Sheets

Just what does the shutter speed on a camera do? What is aperture and f-stop all about? Is ISO a type of soft drink?

It can get confusing figuring out the basics of your camera. Here are some photography cheat sheets we here at the Blackstone Valley Art Association use for our classes.

Please ask with any questions – and be sure to look at our calendar to see what future classes and workshops are coming out. If there’s a particular thing you’d like to learn, let us know and we’ll see if we can set that up!

Most of all, have fun! Keep playing and exploring. The more you try things, the better you get!

Photography Basics
Photography – Shutter Speed
Photography – Aperture
Photography – ISO

These sessions each came with a workshop sheet. Click on one to get to that workshop sheet.

Mike Zeis – Cellphone Photography

Bob Evans – Long Exposure Photography

Ask with any questions!

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