Past Events – 2016 – Cyanotype Workshop

We had absolutely gorgeous weather on March 5-6, 2016 for our cyanotype workshop! Thank you so much to Bob Evans for volunteering his home for this project. It worked out perfectly! Both days were beautifully sunny. We did testing and painting on Saturday and then Sunday was about exposing the things we painted on Saturday. The range of results was just staggering!

The group was Lisa S, Bob E, Marie C, Libia G, Becky S, Pam S, and Sara Beth G. Libia wasn’t able to make it on Sunday so she’s missing from the group photo; she’s represented by the empty shirt.


Lisa Shea has written a book on making cyanotypes. If you’re a BVAA member, let her know you’re interested and she’ll send you a free copy of it.