Past Events – 2016 – Anything Goes Photography Show

Our 2016 Anything Goes Photography Show featured a wealth of great photographers! It was a challenge for the judge, Alan Kidawski, to narrow it down. There was a separate non-digital category which had a first prize winner as well. Here are photos from the reception on Friday, January 15, 2016. The judge’s bio is at the bottom.

1st: Al Weems, “Bookends”
2nd: Lisa Shea, “Muffled”
3rd: Al Weems, “Lady of Shalott”

Honorable mentions:
Joanne Zeis, “Shattered”
Carol Dandrade, “Kitchen Basics”
Uday Khambadkone, “Rajasthan India”
Lisa Shea, “Tucson”

1st place film:
Katie Messina, “Girl’s Imagination”

Here is the judge, Alan Kidawski’s, bio:

I’ve been photographing since 1966 roughly 50 years. And I have learned a lot in those 50 years of seeing the film age transferred to the digital age. This was an incredible time to be in. I have watched and studied the historical aspects of photography back to the turn of the 19th century and beyond. I’ve been in professional photographic organizations almost since the beginning where I honed my skills as a photographer and as a judge. I try to look at each photograph I judge with a new perspective, so not that I’m not impaired by looking at the next photo. I am well-versed in Photoshop, Lightroom and many of the other auxiliary tools that are used in photography.

My work has been shown in many places in Massachusetts. I have a very few one-man shows and many group shows. At the moment I’m showing work at Natick public library will have to work at TCAN and I’m with a small group of which I will have 30 or so images at Amazing Things in Framingham.

I’ve been a student, a professional photographer, a teacher and now I’m doing mentoring teaching and judging. I’m also running a special interest group talking about the art of the photograph. This group is been going on for two years now and every month 20th sold my fellow photographers discuss the intricate parts of creating a photograph. I have been asked to do many image study nights from different groups as well as judging and lecturing.