Perfect Presents art show at Milford TV

Perfect Presents – Milford TV Art Show Dec 2023 – Feb 2024

The holidays are coming at the Milford TV Station! Come out and participate! This art show is open to all current BVAA Members and is FREE to participate in.

The Milford TV Station is a very active public location which creates a wide variety of cable TV shows. People come and go quite often. Our gallery consists of the walls of their long hallways. This public showcase also gives us the opportunity to make numerous social media posts about the art, and the public can then stop by Milford TV any time they are available to see the art and buy it.

The theme of “Perfect Presents” showcases anything ideal for gift-giving. Usually smaller, less expensive items (relatively) work better for sales. Explore the possibilities!

Thursday, November 16th 6-8pm
Bring food or drink to share! We hang out and chat!

If you aren’t able to make it during these specific hours, contact Milford TV directly to see when they would be available for you to swing by with your art.

If you still have art at Milford TV from a previous show, please pick it up during this time. We really need to cycle old art out to have space for fresh art there. Thanks!

Milford TV Station
138 South Main Street
Milford, MA

Show Details for the Artists
The Milford TV Station employees create the labels and perform the hanging for us. There is no need to use the BVAA online submission form to indicate what you’re bringing. Simply be sure to label the back of each piece with its title, your name, contact info, and the price. This show is for BVAA members only and is free to participate in.

The Milford TV station does not take any commission on sales. Neither does the BVAA. This is an ideal sales venue, and we do see sales regularly at this venue.

Most artists bring in three to four items depending on the theme of the cycle. If you do have more that match the theme, please bring a maximum of 8. This allows room for everyone to participate. The items can be any size or shape – Milford has a great hanging system which can accommodate pretty much anything. If you bring giant art, please bring less than 8. The hallway is not infinitely long. If you bring smaller art, 8 is fine!

Ask with any questions! Share the news!

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