Young Farwell - Portrait of Lisa Shea

2023 BVAA Fall Art Show – Winners Listing

Thank you to everyone who entered our 2023 Blackstone Valley Art Association Fall Art Show! Here are the list of winners from this show. The juror was Jennifer Behymer. The notes are from Jennifer. Thank you to everyone who participated in this show!

First place – Portrait of Lisa Shea – Young Farwell
Portraits are a combination of achieving both a likeness and a sense of personality of the model – which is challenging. This portrait does both of these beautifully as well as achieving good skin tones and sense of form. Nice work!

Second place – Committed – Al Weems
There is so much to love about this piece and for me the title enhances the storytelling aspects of the hands and string. Commitment takes time and does not come without many entanglements and is more valuable for its weathering. The hands locked together and the intertwining string which forms an infinity symbol around one finger are a lovely composition.

Third place – MFA Luncheon – Frank Robertson
The composition and sense of sunlight are what drew me into this painting. Scenes with multiple figures, perspective, and lighting are a challenge in any media. Watercolor is particularly difficult to achieve figurative work in successfully. I admire the artist’s accomplishment in taking on this subject matter.

Honorable Mention 1 – Adrianna’s Lily – Sue Dion
I like how the artist chose a square format to really zone in on the lily. White is difficult to achieve a variation of form in and I like how the petals and colors work together to give the flower form.

Honorable Mention 2 – Umbrellas – Bob Evans
What a fun piece! So many bright colors and shapes tumble through this piece. The blue of the sky as it transitions along with the size of the umbrellas is a visual delight.

Honorable Mention 3 – Coastal Winter – Carol Frieswick
This little landscape drew me in with its warm sky and cool blue snow in the foreground. The ocean in winter has such a range of colors and light, and I liked how the warm and cool palette worked together on this piece.

Juror’s Note – Nightmare Fox – Anayah Goncalves (Libia’s granddaughter)
I love this adorable little creature, Anayah! Great job on your painting and I especially like the wide open eyes and bushy tail. Great job! Keep painting!

Here are the full details about our 2023 Fall Art Show –

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