BVAA Uxbridge Show Schedule for 2024

Here is the proposed schedule for the BVAA Uxbridge Art Gallery for the year 2024. Please note that this schedule could adjust or shift based on weather issues or other issues. Please always look for a show’s specific page to get its final details.

“Anything Goes” Community (photography):- PUBLIC
Drop-off Sat Jan 6
Reception Fri Jan 19
Pickup Sat Mar 2

“Local Beauty” Community :- PUBLIC
Drop-off Sat Mar 2
Reception Fri Apr 5
Pickup Sat Apr 6

“Spring Show” (open theme):- Members-Only
Drop-off Sat Apr 6
Reception Fri Apr 12
Pickup Sat June 8

“Series Show” (duo/trio) :- Members-Only
Drop-off Sat June 8
Reception Fri June 14
Pickup Sat July 6

“Carbon Copies Show” (forgeries) :- Members-Only
Drop-off Sat July 6
Reception Fri July 12
Pickup Sat Aug 3

“Show of Hands” Community (anything-but-photography) :- PUBLIC
Drop-off Sat Aug 3
Reception Fri Aug 9
Pickup Sat Sept 7

“Fall Show” (open theme) :-Members-Only
Drop-off Sat Sept 7
Reception Fri Sept 13
Pickup Sat Oct 19

“Diversity” Community (community theme) :- PUBLIC
Drop-off Sat Oct 19
Reception Fri Oct 25
Pickup Sat Nov 16

“Great Gifts” (smallish size) :- Members-Only
Drop-off Sat Nov 16
Reception Fri Nov 22
Pickup Sat Jan 4


notes about other 2024 show ideas:

Feb – Choco l’Art? Webster library? (checking on availability)
Mar – Teen Show virtual
Apr – Art-Poetry show in Blackstone library – CONFIRMED
Aug – Sunflower art show in Booklovers’ Gourmet Webster MA – CONFIRMED
Sept – Uxbridge SketchFest virtual show
Oct – Macabre Halloween pop-up

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