Call to Artists:  Mendon Town Hall Campus Special Art Project

The Mendon Cultural Council is looking for an artist to create a unique visual art installation for the recently restored Town Hall Campus. The art work will be located outside and must endure the elements and all weather conditions native to New England. We are seeking an original work that is visually captivating and embodies our town’s personality. Possible media include sculpture, tiles, brick, and painting of planters or murals. 

One artist is sought to manage this project. The chosen artist may feature solely their own work or work in collaboration with other artists or groups.

Artists are encouraged to visit Mendon town campus and assess the possible locations for installation of their artwork:

Another site of research interest could be the Mendon Historical Society website:

A single grant of approximately $1,500 is intended to cover the artist’s time and materials for the project and be paid upon the completion of the work. Artists interested in this project should complete and submit an application on the Mendon Cultural Council webpage:

Inclusion of sketches, pictures and/or diagrams are highly encouraged as well as links or information about prior works of art in the application. 

For more information contact the Mendon Cultural Council at (508)473-2312 or email


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