2022 Anything Goes photography show

2022 Anything Goes Photography Show – Video and Photos

This is a sneak preview for the 2022 BVAA Anything Goes photography show! Some of the labels weren’t fully updated yet – I corrected everything I found manually in the video. I wanted to make sure I got this up before our reception on Sunday January 16th at 2pm, when the winners are announced.

Some of the photo glass (mine included!!) showed very glare-ey in the video. If your photo has glare on it, you can send me (Lisa) a JPG of the photo and I’ll put it here on our BVAA website. That way people can see the image without glare. I tried my best with different angles, but as you can see from my two photos, sometimes it’s an enormous challenge, especially with darker image areas.

Ask with any questions!

Here are the photos I’ve been sent, so you can see them more clearly. Click on one to see it at a larger size.

Here’s the talk with judge Paul M. Murray!

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