Winter 2020 #Create30Challenge with Alain Picard

Painting by Carol Frieswick

The months of January – February – March can be cold and blustery here in Massachusetts. Several of our BVAA artists are tackling that with a delightfully creative 30-painting challenge! The idea is that in the 90 days of January, February, and March 2020 you create 30 small paintings. It keeps you busy, creative, and energized!

Artist Alain Picard is coordinating this project. He’s not part of the BVAA. We BVAA members are simply participating in his project. It’s free and fun!

Here’s the details, from Alain:

* * *

Happy New Year!

I’m so excited that you’ve accepted the challenge to create 30 paintings in 90 days with me! I want you to know that you are a part of a growing community of artists, stretching across the globe, who have said yes to the #Create30Challenge.

It’s January 1 and with this New Year comes your first day of a fresh challenge. The moment has arrived!

You are boldly facing this new season with generosity and courage by engaging your creativity in winter. I hope you’ve already got your calendar printed out and are ready to chart your creative progress! If not, just click the link below to download it now. Just a few reminders as we begin our challenge together:
• Try to keep your paintings small and colorful to inspire the senses as you build momentum in your streak.
• Mark each day that you finish a painting on your calendar until you reach 30. Try to finish about one painting every three days to stay on track.
• Use any medium you like for your daily painting.
• Be sure to show up to encourage one another by sharing your creative work online!
• Share your daily paintings on social media using the hashtag #CREATE30CHALLENGE so we can all search them easily!
• I’d love it if you would tag me when you post! @alainpicard on Instagram and Facebook.
• If you don’t use social media, consider taking a picture of your work and sending an email or text to a friend.

Today’s the day. Let’s warm the harsh winter months with color and beauty as we create something magical together. Remember, your creativity is a gift that brings hope to others!

* * *

If anybody needs help figuring out how Instagram or Facebook work, just contact us at the BVAA and we’ll help you with those. We have a members group on Facebook where you can post things privately if you wish. If you prefer not to be on those platforms personally, it’s also fine to send your finished artwork JPGs to us at the BVAA and we can post them for you.

Have some fun, and enjoy the challenge!

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