Call to Artists – Right to Vote – Deadline Aug 8 2020

The Hera Gallery in Wakefield, Rhode Island has a call to artists on the topic of “Right to Vote”. The deadline for submission is August 1, 2020. UPDATE: The form now says August 8, 2020 so you have a few more days!!

Here are the details of the show.

Concept: Right to Vote examines artists’ perspectives on the continued importance of strengthening voting rights in our democracy. Hera Gallery seeks artwork addressing the multiplicity and diversity with which the democratic process in America is experienced.

Who decides who gets to vote? Why is the concept of one person one vote so important? Why does America have such low voter participation rates compared to other democratic nations? What does disenfranchisement and enfranchisement look like along racial, economic, gender, ethnic, religious, and environmental lines? What types of barriers exist to voting and how do these in turn affect disparate populations differently?

In conjunction with the national juried show Right To Vote, The Women’s Fund of Rhode Island will be presenting Radical Women, a collection of banners with a narrative timeline of historically significant women of Rhode Island and contemporary information about wages, women’s rights and advocacy and how these are affected by such factors as race and socioeconomic context.


For more details about this show, visit their website:

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