How to Record an Audio Narration for an Art Show

The Blackstone Valley Art Association has been doing a number of its art shows online in a virtual format. To do these, we arrange JPGs of the art in a slideshow format and then have the artist provide a narration to go with them.

The artist can speak at any speed they wish, and for as long as they wish. We will arrange the JPGs of the art to match along with the words.

The artist should have a computer with a microphone (built-in is fine) or a smartphone.

Luke MacNeil has kindly created this how-to for any artists who are using a Mac computer.

For those on a Windows PC, here are the steps. It might vary slightly depending on which versions of Windows you are using.

First, click the Windows icon in the lower left. You should be able to find “Sound Recorder” under Windows Accessories. In Windows 10 it is called “Voice Recorder”. Either way, if you search for “recorder” you should find it.

The recording function is fairly straightforward. You press the button to start recording. You talk. You press again to stop. If you want to do another take, just press the button fresh. Eventually you get a take that you like. If you need to do it in segments, that’s fine. That way you get each segment the way you like it and send those final segments along to us.

Making Recordings with your Smartphone

Your phone has a built-in microphone. It’s how it can hear you when you make phonecalls. It should also have a built in sound recorder. Look through your apps and you should find it. Again, just press the button to start recording, say what you want, and then press again to stop recording.

Ask with any questions!

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