Luke MacNeil and Laura Cenedella Workshops Sat May 2 2020

Our Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 lineup is amazing! Set your alarm and enjoy a day of relaxing creativity! Free!

Luke MacNeil 10am – 1pm

Luke will be guiding us through the restful, relaxing, serene practice of creating mandalas. Mandalas are repetitive designs which bring about calm and contemplation. Learn how to make and enjoy your own mandalas!


Let us know what else you’d like him to talk about!

Hang out and chat, work along with him, and enjoy your Saturday morning!

Ask with any questions 🙂

Laura O. Cenedella 1pm – 3pm


Come join Laura in her studio for an amazingly fun paint session! You can just watch and chat or you can paint along! Use oil paints or acrylic paints, your choice. This session is all about the relaxing palette knife style. With this, you’re moving thick sections of paint around. You don’t need a palette knife. You can use a straight-edged kitchen knife, a credit card, or anything else that is reasonably thick. Be creative!

Introduction to Drawing and Painting with Oils
Session 1 – Garden Bicycle

Tools & Supplies
· Artist Grade Oil Paint
· White, Yellow Ochre, Light Yellow, Phthalo Rose, Red, Ultra
Marine Blue, and Prussian Blue
· Grey Pad Disposable Paper Palette, Paint Palette of your choosing
· Oil Impasto Mediums/Drying Oil/Drying Medium
· Odorless Mineral Spirits
· Paper towels or cloth rags
· Brushes for Oil Painting
· Palette Knife – ‘Trowel Shaped’
· Can or jar for the Mineral Spirits
· Bag for Trash
· Clip for your trash bag to attach to your easel or tripod
· An easel or paint box
· Ruler
· Canvas Artist Board
· Pencil
· Journal, Sketch or Scrap paper
· Anything else you think you may need to be comfortable
· Print outs available

I will discuss the importance of using a journal in painting. The practice of shape recognition and identifying the basic shapes necessary within the project image to construct the basis of the portrait. The use of this technique will help to define the composition and placement on the canvas.

The steps to color mixing using a limited palette to develop the color scheme. Making of new color combinations starting with the darkest of darks to the lightest of lights. Demonstration of the technique I use to accomplish this color making process. A discussion on additives or mediums used including drying oil and resin.

Demonstration of tools and techniques used in the application of the paint to the canvas and portrait construction.
This is a beginners basic painting class. No prior experience is required and the ultimate goal is to get the basics down to build a foundation. Additional sessions will be added to my Go Live Videos to fine tune what you have learned and we hope to help you find your creative style.

Ask with any questions. Free, open to the public, and relaxing fun!

Laura’s event runs here:

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