Virtual Online Art Lessons with Luke MacNeil and Laura Cenedella 4/4/2020

FREE Virtual Online Art Lessons!

Saturday April 4, 2020

In the morning from 10-1 Luke will present a great walkthrough of how to use Lightroom to enhance your photos. Now is the perfect time to expand your LIghtroom skills! Plus he’ll show you how to use your PC to run a Facebook Live session. It’s a bit trickier than using a cellphone, but Luke has it down to a science. And there’ll be live music, too! Amazing!

Luke will be doing this from his full home studio, which has amazing sound. So be sure to stop in and watch!

From 1-3 talented artist Laura O. Cenedella will do a live painting session, showing you how to paint this nautical scene with oil paints! You’ll get to see her at-home studio and ask questions! It’ll take place on her Facebook page.

Laura’s Supply List:

Supply List:
Paint Colors:
Artist White
Titanium White
Yellow Ochre
Ultra Marine Blue
Drying Medium
Impasto Mediums/ Walnut Oil

Brushes- ( Oil Painting )
1 Inch
1/2 Inch

Paper Towels
A Can or Jar for Mineral Spirits
A Palette Knife for Mixing or for Cleaning your Palette
A Bag for Trash
A Drop Cloth
An Easel or Paint Box
Canvas Artist Board
And Anything Else You are Comfortable Using.

Join us for a day of fun and creativity!

Morning Session Location with Luke:

Afternoon Session Location with Laura Cenedella:

2 thoughts to “Virtual Online Art Lessons with Luke MacNeil and Laura Cenedella 4/4/2020”

  1. When will this material be on YouTube rather than FacePalm? This Facebook addiction is really annoying.

    1. LOL Facebook is a tool like any other tool. It’s useful for its purposes. Yes, Luke is in the process of loading his videos onto YouTube and I’ll send out information when that is ready.

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