Blackstone Valley Themed Art Show at the Blackstone Heritage Corridor Linwood Mill

The Blackstone Heritage Corridor is an organization which manages and promotes the beautiful Blackstone Valley. They have a visitor’s center in Worcester at the northern end of the “Millbury Bike Path” (we take photos here regularly). They have a central office in the Linwood Mill complex in Northbridge. They run all sorts of delightful nature walks in the area.

You can learn more about the Blackstone Heritage Corridor group here –

In their Linwood Mill office they have a gallery hall created with beautiful granite. They would like to have a display of 12 artwork items there which celebrate the beauty of the Blackstone Valley. The items can be paintings, photos, drawings, anything that can hang. You can see the area here:

The way this wall is wired is that there’s a long block of wood running the entire length of that upper area. Screws are screwed into the wood at regular intervals, with wire coming down from those screws. One then ties that wire to the wire at the back of the artwork.

The spacing allows for artwork which is about 18×22 in size or smaller. Larger art items would “run into each other”. Bonnie just measured the hooks and they are 23″ apart. Since we have art of varying sizes, we could put the 18×22 pieces alongside smaller pieces to create space.

Also, the artwork should be reasonably light. Heavy frames wouldn’t do well on this hook/wire setup.

We’re looking for 12 artists to each have an item to submit for this. The wall is currently empty, as shown. So the sooner we could get art into here, the better. Please contact if you’re interested in participating. The idea is to have the art up through March. Then in April we’d swap out for a “pollinator” show celebrating bees, butterflies, and the like, for spring.


Blackstone Heritage Corridor office
Linwood Mill complex (in back)
670 Linwood Avenue
Whitinsville MA 01588
Blackstone Heritage Corridor Webpage

Email if you’re interested in participating. We’d like to get the art in as soon as possible. There’s no fee. Sales would give a 25% commission to the Blackstone Heritage Corridor (a great cause!).

This show was fully hung on Monday, January 20th, 2020. Thank you to everyone who is participating in this show!

Public Reception
We are aiming for Friday, March 20th – right around the Spring Equinox! for our reception. We’re still confirming that.

Late March / Early April.

Ask with any questions!

4 thoughts to “Blackstone Valley Themed Art Show at the Blackstone Heritage Corridor Linwood Mill”

    1. Anything at all is fair game for this show! It just needs to be able to hang in its space :).

  1. The dimensions provided are 18 x 22 which is for horizontal or “landscape” . If a square or vertical “portrait” format is used the long dimension would be 18…. correct?

    1. I’ll first say that this show was hung on Monday, January 20th, so the show is all set :). This was a show with a short deadline to get it up as quickly as possible. In general, for your question about dimensions, yes, the issue was (is) that the wires were hard-set at a distance of 23 inches from each other. So the horizontal length a given artwork could take up was 22 inches. On the vertical side, it needed to be about 18 inches because there’s a granite ledge beneath where the pictures hang. So both of those were limitations of that physical space. We look forward to seeing your art in other shows! –Lisa

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