Light Painting Workshop 8/28/19

Light painting is the art of creating light images with time-lapse photography. Several BVAA members own “light sticks” which let you do this kind of light painting. You can also use flashlights, LED lights, laser beams, and all sorts of other things.

In essence you have a camera on a tripod which you can set the shutter speed for. You want the shutter to stay open for a length of time – usually 5 seconds or more. While the shutter is open, you move light (and people and such) around in front of the camera so the camera captures that motion.

Here’s Luke’s page to see some examples –

Bob Evans has some, too –

The PixelStick site has a lot of great examples –

The challenge is you need it fairly dark for this to work. Otherwise the surrounding light impacts the image. Luckily, Lisa will be at the Singh Theater in Whitinsville on Wednesday 8/28 running a writing seminar on social media networks. That’s from 6-8pm. The seminar is in the outer area of the theater. The inner area of the theater is nice and dark and big. So members can use the theater to test out various light painting ideas. Lisa is done with her seminar at 8pm and then can join you as a model or participant.

I know of three PixelSticks (or equivalents) that the group has – Lisa’s, Bob’s and Luke’s. Let us know if anyone else has one.

This is FREE to participate in! Come on out and see how it works! Even if your camera doesn’t have a shutter speed setting, come anyway. You can try out one of our cameras and/or serve as a model or light-holder.

We hope to see you there!

Singh Theater
60 Douglas Road
Whitinsville, MA

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