Verne Thayer – Landscape Oil Painter

Verne Thayer adores painting local Massachusetts scenery. No matter the challenges, he finds a way to create his landscapes. So it’s no wonder he was driving around central Massachusetts with a keen eye one foggy morning, looking for the absolute best possible angle to document. His aim was to capture it in photograph, so that in his studio he could turn it into a work of art.

At a quiet brook in Mendon, he found the exact angle he had hoped for.

It was a well-traveled road, and there was no place to set up a plein air easel. But he carefully backed up, parked, and got out to take photos from a variety of angles. The drifting fog and gentle light was just as he had envisioned. When he was sure he had what he needed, he headed back into his studio to bring it into vibrant life.

Verne has been painting since he was quite young. Life interfered for twenty years, as it often does with dreams, but Verne persevered. When once again time was available, Verne knew what he wanted to do.

And that was to paint.

Verne is quick to point out that photographs are often taken with the object of interest at the center of the image. It’s a tendency of the human eye. But with paintings, there are other considerations to account for. Often in a work of art one wants to lead the eye into what is important. He ensures he gets a number of images to be able to build that effect.

This scene of a gently foggy river is typical of Verne. It juxtaposes a traditional New England landscape with technically challenging images of water and dappled sun. Verne agrees that the water in this painting was the most challenging aspect of the image to tackle. He wanted to bring it to life – to give it that glow of the sunlight interacting with the moving surfaces.

For those considering picking up a brush, Verne has enthusiastic advice – just do it. Don’t be frightened. Get a cheap canvas and just throw paint on it.

Looking at the beautiful landscapes Verne creates, we are inspired to do just that.

To view more of Verne’s beautiful artwork, be sure to visit:

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