Tapestry Show Reception 2018 / Uxbridge First Night

The First Night celebrations in Uxbridge were fantastic! We had a delightful barbershop quartet and a Mark Seagrave – live caricature artist entertaining our gallery all night long. Thank you to Depot Cafe and Trek Stop for supporting our raffle!

The winners of the Tapestry Art Show were:

1st – Karen Pendleton
2nd – Linda Tellier
3rd – Jennene Pasquarosa
honorable – Louise Allain
honorable – Ann Wagstaff
honorable – Lisa Shea
Youth prize – Marlene Eichelroth

Here’s photos of the show’s reception!

This is a full video walkthrough of the entire show:

Here’s a short video of the barbershop quartet who filled our gallery with stunning music:

And here’s a link to the show’s details!

Tapestry Art Show

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