Minutes from Officers Meeting – Nov 9 2018

Minutes from Officers Meeting
Tuesday November 6, 2018 (election day)
Began 6:30pm at Uxbridge gallery

Present –
Lisa Shea, Bob Evans, Carol Frieswick, Dennis Smith, Pam Siderewicz

1) Review Milford TV Station Schedule
Schedule is set. Milford TV has it posted. Individual events are set up on BVAA.org site and on Facebook page. Milford has been lobbying for the separate receptions and will be paying for food and wine for them. The schedule of all “last Thursdays of the Month” (except for December) should build up attendance momentum.

Dennis suggested setting up master time-based listing of upcoming events on BVAA.org page.

Small Works – Nov-Dec 2018
Drop-off Thu Oct 25
Reception Thu Nov 29

Winter Magic – Jan-Feb 2019
drop-off Thu Jan 3
Reception Thu Jan 31

Spring Joy – Mar-Apr 2019
Drop-off Thu Feb 28
Reception Thu Mar 28

Monochrome – May-Jun 2019
Drop-Off Thu Apr 25
Reception Thu May 30

Summertime – Jul-Aug 2019
Drop-Off Thu Jun 27
Reception Thu July 25


2) Review BVAA meeting presenter schedule
Carol F did an awesome job of arranging this back in August or so. This seems to be set and fine.

Sept. JoAnn Naugher — Alcohol Inks (had to cancel, had Carol Arnold instead)

Oct. Adria Arch — Golden Acrylic products demo and free samples (people loved this)

Nov. Carolyn Letvin — Monoprints via palm printing method

Dec. party

Jan. Panel of Photographers who have done work in a series—Bob E.-James and Mike etc.

Feb. group critique

March. Gamblin product demo and free samples

April. JoAnn Naugher — Alcohol Inks

May. election and party

Note that the Golden demo person is willing to do a 4-hour workshop for $600. We’d have to get at least 10 people to want to do it before the per-person price became even remotely reasonable.

Also look into Grafton pastel workshop.

I’ll let people know about the Cuttyhunk / Avalon opportunities in late spring.


3) Work on Uxbridge Gallery Show Schedule
This was the meat of the meeting and took most of the hour.

October 12 to November 17 2018
Pickup – listed as Sat Nov 17. Changing to Sat Nov 10th as we want Tapestry to be live Nov 17th.

November 17 to December 1
Drop-off Sat Nov 3 and Sat Nov 10
Hanging Wed Nov 14th. Pam created a cool wreath to post next to wall sign.
Reception – Sat Dec 1 4-7pm / Uxbridge First Night
Pickup – Mon Dec 3

December 8 through December 31
Drop-off Sat Dec 1
Hanging Wed Dec 5
Reception – BVAA Party Tue Dec 18th
Pickup – Sat Jan 5 and Sat Jan 12th

ANYTHING GOES PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW – *2 pieces* (had far too many in 2018)
January 19 – February 23
Drop-Off Sat Jan 5 and Sat Jan 12
Hanging Wed Jan 16
Reception – Fri Jan 18th
Pickup – Feb 23

TEEN EXPRESSIONS SHOW MARCH – want to get flyers done soon so we can publicize this
March 2 – Mar 30
Drop-Off – Sat Feb 23
Hang – Wed Feb 27
Reception – Fri Mar 1
Pickup – Mar 30

April 6 – May 11
Reception – WE ARE NOT INVOLVED – Sam handles this.
Pickup – May 11

BVAA Spring Show
* could be held off-site if interesting location is found *
The Uxbridge gallery is a good back-up plan in case we don’t.
May 18 – June 8
Reception –
Pickup – June 8

June 15 – …..


Non-Uxbridge-Gallery opportunities

* Milford TV – set for year

* Grafton Inn – Bob did an awesome job of setting this up for us. We get good sales here. I’m checking on open spots, John R keeps selling his owls :).

* Worcester Senior Center – reception Tue 12/18 11am-1pm. Asking Suki about Jan-Feb. (We will get Mar-Apr)

* Art-Poetry show – set – finding 3 more poets and then will do pairing. Blackstone Library in March and Millbury B&N in April.

* Sutton post office – running smoothly with rotations, 7 Sutton residents in BVAA.

* Whitinsville post office – planning, 6 Whitinsville residents in BVAA. Will ask Christine.

* Muffin House – Carol will let them know we’ll take it. 2 month rotations, 4 people, 18 pieces.

* Southgate senior center in Shrewsbury – Carol will get next available date. Floral theme. 18 pieces, 1/2 each. They professionally hang them for us. I’ll look for Carol’s photos of her show to show samples.

* Northbridge senior center – they are installing a hanging system. Carol will check when they’re done to see how we can hang there.

* Sunflower show / Webster is always popular in the late summer. We get regular sales there.


Encourage (again) classes and workshops in gallery space
* Carol Arnold gets 1-3 a month
* Northbridge is available for weekday daytime classes

Finances are solid, with over $11,000 in our bank account. Carol F is a financial wizard.


Meeting ended at 7:30pm.

Extra note:

I forgot about Choco l’Art. This is our annual show at the Whitinsville Library around Valentine’s Day.

Reception is Sat Feb 9, 2019
Take down end-of-day Sat Feb 16, 2019

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  1. Hello, could you give me information on the small works holiday show? I see that the drop off is on December 1st. However, l can’t find any specific information on size, amount of pieces, registration fees, or commission. I just paid my membership dues.
    Thank you, Christine

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