Tapestry BVAA Alternatives Art Show Hanging Locations 2018

The 2018 BVAA Alternatives “Tapestry” Art show is primarily located at the Uxbridge Gallery at 5 South Main Street, Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

The art is also hung at other area locations to spread the creativity and beauty throughout the Uxbridge region. We will create a “travel map” to encourage visitors to explore all of these locations to see the artwork.

These art pieces range from photography to watercolors, from acrylics to watercolors to mixed media. Each location can choose a piece of art which resonates with their theme.

Here is our planning list. Please let us know if you can contact one of these locations to determine if they’re interested in participating in 2018 and how many pieces they would like to show. Please talk with us first before contacting anybody so we can coordinate one contact per location.

Thank you in advance!

Blue Duck
Books Books
Bridals by Rochelle
Capron Corp Office
Coves Insurance – 2 medium pieces
Dynamic Hair Salon
Dynasty Café – 3 small pieces
Harry’s Pizza – 4 small pieces
K&T Nails – 3 small pieces
Lynches Liquors Store – 2 small pieces
M&B Candies
Savers Bank – 1 large piece on easel
UniBank – 2 small tabletop pieces
Uxbridge Dental Office – 3 medium pieces
Uxbridge Library – 3 medium pieces on easels
Uxbridge Senior Center
Uxbridge Town Hall

Thank you all for your help!

2018 Tapestry Community Art Show – main page

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