BVAA Video Promotion Opportunities

We live in a Video world nowadays and lots of people hang out on YouTube learning how to watercolor paint, do macro photography, and all sorts of other topics. It makes sense to have our art in there so it’s found, appreciated, and hopefully purchased :).

Our BVAA YouTube channel is here –

It has that long, complicated URL because we don’t have 100 subscribers yet. Please subscribe to us and ask all your friends/family to subscribe. The sooner we get to 100, the more quickly we can get a better URL!

If you have a YouTube channel for your artwork, please let us know so we can promote you.

If you do NOT have a YouTube account, we’re happy to make and promote videos for you. Take a look at our channel to see three recent examples.

One video is a “full length” (about 10 minutes) of Laura Cenedella painting a lighthouse on a Gelli plate to make a monotype of it. While Laura was amazingly fast and finished it in the 10 minutes, you don’t need to do a whole painting for this type of video. You can show a section of a process like “how to paint a tree in watercolor” or so on. 

One video is a “short length” (about 2 minutes) of Betty Havens showing some details of her pet portrait. You could do something like that – do short videos to show stages of a process.

One is a “slideshow” (about 3 minutes) video of photography for Bob See. This is a way to showcase finished art in a way that is seen by the YouTube audience. It’s a way to get the word out there.

For the real-life-recordings, it’s easy enough for me to bring my camera and tripod out to the gallery on Saturdays to record any artists who can come to do art for a little while. You can just stop in for 15 minutes. Let me know you’re coming so I remember to bring the items with me. I advise not trying for right at 10am as I can barely get my eyeballs open in time sometimes :). It’s wiser to start for 10:30am or later.

If you’d like a slideshow video, that’s even easier. Just navigate on this site to look at your member gallery, and talk with me to make sure it’s got the images you want to feature in it. Once we get that set up, I can just plunk those images into a video with music and we’re all set.

Video is definitely the way of the world now. Having video on YouTube gets your art in front of millions upon millions of people. It’s quick, easy, free, and a great marketing tool.

Ask with any questions!


Lisa Shea & the team at the BVAA

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