Cyanotype Show – Worcester Senior Center

Lisa Shea - Three Ferns Cyanotype
Lisa Shea – Three Ferns Cyanotype
The Blackstone Valley Art Association is featuring a cyanotype show for the months of September and October 2018 at the Worcester Senior Center. All active BVAA members are welcome to participate. The show will be publicized heavily by the Worcester City Hall and there are hundreds of people who move through this gallery space, especially during their events.

Worcester Senior Center
128 Providence St
Worcester, MA 01604

There is ample free parking in a big lot immediately behind the center, off Lapin Street.

Please email JPGs of your cyanotypes with approximate sizes to Lisa Shea by midnight Monday, August 20th, 2018 for her to figure out how many pieces from each person we can fit.

About the Show
There are three areas to show art. The main area holds 13 large pieces. The glass case holds 6-8 smaller pieces. The bookcase can hold four long horizontal pieces.

The main area for large artwork is the classic diner, run by the QCC. The aim for these walls would be to have the 13 large artworks all of a similar size for consistency sake. It looks like an external edge size of about 21 inches by 26 inches fits into the spaces. In the first photo you’re looking square-on at the diner main counter. The artwork for our show will be displayed on the left and right, which you can see in the next two images.

We can put five artwork on the left and eight on the right. We cannot move these nails.

I will create labels for each artwork which we will stick to the artwork itself – we can’t put anything on the walls. The label will have the artwork info and then contact info for the artist. All sales go through the artist directly and the artist gets 100% of that sale.

For smaller images, there is a glass case in the main lobby. This pair of images shows you first the glass case within the lobby and then a close-up of the glass case. We should be able to fit 6-8 smaller items on these shelves.

Finally, we have access to the top of the bookshelf. This would be better for images which can be seen from a distance, since people have to look up at them. Maybe the intrepid amongst us could make four mythological creatures from banners of fabric? These could be held up on each end by the types of pole-in-wood-base things that hold table numbers on tables at wedding receptions.

This is an *extremely* rough sketch. My drawing skills are minimal :).

One of the largest events they have in this building is on Tuesdays and it ends at 11am. Everyone then goes through the diner for lunch and to congregate. They would like for us to have our reception on Tuesday, September 25th from 11am to 1pm to take advantage of this flood of people. It will give us an opportunity to personally meet this crowd and encourage them to look and purchase. We can bring cards and prints to the reception to encourage sales of those smaller items.

Let Lisa Shea know if you’re interested in participating by Monday, August 20th. The hanging will be at the very end of August. The show will be live from September to October, 2018.

Ask with any questions!

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