Reminder! Sculpture with Bob Collins on FRI MAR 23 2018!

A reminder that our meeting this month is on FRIDAY MARCH 23 2018! We will learn how to do sculpture! Not your average, ordinary sculpture of course. But cool sculpture, made out of black sheets of foam core. This image is from Bob’s current exhibit at the Post Road Art Center.
Rather than ask everyone to go out and buy supplies, please respond back with what you currently have and we will powwow together. Then we’ll get the things we’re missing to share.
The list is:
sheets of black foam core with a black center core. Black all the way through.
Exacto knives
Pencils (ok I can handle this one, I have tons of pencils)
Hot glue guns
We can probably share hot glue guns, and I’d bet most of us have an Exacto knife or two lying around the house. Don’t we? Let us know which of those you have.
That leaves the sheets of black foam core. Let us know if you have any or if you have any ideas where to get some. You can see in the photo what we’ll be doing with them. We’ll be creating all sorts of cool things! Heck, we will create our very own Black Thing Sculpture Park in the middle of the gallery and take a video of it. It will go viral :).
So please respond to the supply list, so we know what we’re working with. Then we hope to see you next Friday March 23rd! It will be a blast!

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