Self-Portrait / 52 Frames

Today’s the deadline for the first weekly challenge at 52 Frames – “Self-Portrait”. Here’s Lisa Shea’s, or at least half of it. She wants to add a night-time version once the sun goes down so you can see the shine of those LEDs. She did this with stick-on LED lights which she hand painted in the various colors.

Please post your own self-portrait in the comments below, and post it over at 52 Frames! Weekly challenges help spur your creativity! Also, this one boosts our examples for the upcoming BVAA Teen Selfie show :). Please share!


Here are the full albums of self portraits! I know Bob Evans is in here. Who else can you find?

52 Frames Self Portrait 2018 (Bob is in this one)

52 Frames Self Portrait 2018 Part 2 (Lisa is in this one)

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