Meet the Authors – Sat 11/25/17

Meet the Authors! Saturday, November 25th, 2017 from noon to 6pm. It’s Shop Small Saturday! Support local artisans! Six local authors will be on hand to talk about writing, publishing, and of course their books! Signed copies of books make wonderful Christmas presents.

The Grafton Common Art Gallery
One Grafton Common
Suite 123
Grafton, MA

It’s the building with the AppleTree Arts in it!

Saturday, November 25th, 2017
noon to 6pm

All are welcome! Share the news with family and friends!

For more about the Grafton Common Art Gallery, visit:

Grafton Common Art Gallery


Jane Nozzolillo / noon
I’m the cutest little house in Grafton, maybe in the whole wide world.

I have a small porch, where the children can stand and look through the windows to see what is inside me.

Please come and visit me at the Mill Villages Park, 61 Main St, South Grafton, it will make me so happy.






Tom Johnson / 1:00 pm
Threaded Journeys  is a compilation of fly fishing and bow hunting stories ‘interwoven’ with discussions on various issues regarding conservation, preservation, and healthy living.  The author, Tom Johnson, delves into topics about our blue-green planet and its resources that we must preserve.  He argues that employing the use of our natural resources while mitigating damage to the environment is our great challenge going forward.

Johnson also weaves in a dialogue about physical fitness and awareness and how a proper diet should be emphasized in our schools and implemented into our culture if we are to succeed and prosper.  “In order to grow, work and play at our fullest potential we need to educate at a new, higher level that requires taking better care of our physical and consumption needs,” notes Johnson.  “Our mental, psychological and physiological foundations will improve when we teach these bodily basics along with the ABCs.”




Losing the Bubble / Lisa Pinter
Lily Pinter / 2:00 pm
Early one September evening, fifteen-year-old Hank goes running through the woods in his small New England town, fearing his best friend Jane is in trouble.

When he stumbles down an embankment alongside the path, he finds far more than he was looking for…

Hank has been transported back in time to 1786, a time when tensions ran high in Massachusetts and rebellion, just three years after the end of American Revolution, seems inevitable.

Now, Hank must push forward, attempting to survive in these dangerous ‘bygone’ times, not knowing if Jane is safe, not knowing if he’ll ever get back to his own time.

Or if he’ll still belong there if he does.



Winds of Providence / Christine Beauchaine
Christine Beauchaine / 3:00 pm
On September 21, 1938 a hurricane charged up the East Coast of the United States. It made landfall without warning. It devastated Long Island, New York and Southern New England.

Over 600 people lost their lives. Thousands of houses were damaged. The storm did what would be over $4 Billion worth of damage by today’s standards.

Intertwined with the story of the storm is the story of Lilly and Richard. Lilly and Richard are a troubled young couple who need to lose one another in order to find each other.




Ophelia Sikes / 4:00 pm
Lea knew what the land folk were good for – very little. They stumbled around awkwardly on spindly legs and smelled of sweat and dung. She preferred the open freedom of the ocean. To be able to plunge hundreds of feet into its shadowy depths or to ride in exhilaration along a cascading wave.

But today’s waves were different.

A torrential storm pounded the coastline as she desperately pushed north to reach her sisters. On her hip was an urgent message. And nothing could stop her from reaching her destination.

Until she realized a young boy clung desperately to his currach, and a towering wave was about to shatter him into tiny pieces …




Lisa Shea / 5:00 pm
Willow likes her quiet routine. She edits books from her small apartment. She occasionally goes out to the local diner for a tuna melt. She enjoys living in Worcester. It’s where the Worcester Lunch Car Company made diners from 1906 to 1957. And now she gets to enjoy one in all its vintage glory.

But her quiet, predictable evening at the diner is disturbed when four restaurant workers come in complaining about a theft. And her inquisitive mind soon notices something …

This gentle mystery features a heroine with Asperger’s Syndrome.





For more about the Grafton Common Art Gallery, visit:

Grafton Common Art Gallery

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