Milford TV Mural Project

The Milford TV Station has expanded, and they would love to have a multi-scene mural decorating their walls. They will provide all supplies and materials – the artists provide the enthusiasm and creativity. They are quite happy to have a mix of artists working on it, building it out scene by scene, each in his or her own style.

Here is a rough mock-up done by Rob O’Keefe of the Milford TV Station, to show the concept. There would be a mix of images showcasing Milford scenery along with special moments (concerts, sports, etc.) which happen in Milford. A timeline, if you will, of fun things of Milford.

Milford TV Station Mural Concept

From Rob:

“Basically, the bottom of the mural, as it wraps around, will feature historical buildings and sites in Milford. Above those sites, I have screen grabbed shots that we have captured with our cameras over the 5 years that we have been in existence.

I don’t need or expect the full mural to be done anytime soon. In fact, the goal will be to add to it each year, slowly. Right now, all I’m looking for is a start. What I’ve featured in the attached image is all I really need done before the Grand Opening which will be held approximately between the end of January or February.

Frank had a good idea of adding a consistent gradient of pattern or flowers, etc on the top and bottom of the mural to give it a nice flow, so I’d like to hear what ideas people have for that. Other than that, we can keep the concept pretty simple and I’ll be very happy.

The images I pasted together are not an exact representation of how I need them to be laid out, again, it’s just a basic rendition of the scenes I will like to see painted first.

Again, we will pay for all the materials needed and the artists can work almost anytime they want when we are open. We will also give any artists involved a nice gift at the end.”

Let us know if you’re interested in being involved!

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