2018 Choco l’Art Show – Whitinsville Library

Our 2018 Choco l’Art show is the perfect melding of chocolate and art! Enjoy the taste sensation! This our lucky 7th Annual celebration of the theme!

Whitinsville Social Library
17 Church Street
Whitinsville, MA

The submission deadline is Monday, January 29th, 2018. This show is displayed on panels so works submitted need to be less than 36″ wide in order to fit on a panel. There’s a $5 fee for up to 3 works. It’s open to all BVAA members. As this is a judged show, only pieces which have not been previously entered into a BVAA judged show are eligible for participation. Any sales will include a 20% BVAA commission. Full BVAA terms: BVAA Show Terms and Conditions

The drop-off for Choco l’Art is Thursday, February 1st from 10am to 2pm.

Public Reception
The reception is on Saturday, February 3rd from 10am to 2pm. All are welcome! There’ll be lots of chocolate in all shapes, sizes, and varieties.

Pick-up for the show is Friday, February 9th from 10am to 2pm.

This show has the visitors vote on a “People’s Choice” award. There’s a ribbon plus a cash prize. The amount is based on the number of entries.

You can do a romantic theme if you’d like, but it’s not required!

Use the BVAA online submission form to submit for this show.

Volunteers Needed
The BVAA is run by volunteers – please lend a hand! We need volunteers for the following activities:
* Bringing of Panels and Hanging the show from noon-2pm on Thu, Feb 1st
* Watching over the reception for time blocks of your choice between 9am and 2pm on Sat, Feb 3rd.
* Bringing of chocolate for the chocolate reception (please avoid nuts)
* Take-down of the show from 10-12 on Friday, February 9th and return of panels

Let us know on your submission form how you’re able to help out.

Thank you so much to Eaton Farms for donating some of the chocolate. Be sure to “like” them on Facebook!

Past Shows:
Choco l’Art 2017 Details – 6th Annual
Choco l’Art 2016 Details – 5th Annual
Choco l’Art 2015 Details – 4th Annual
Choco l’Art 2014 Details – 3rd Annual
Choco l’Art 2013 Details – 2nd Annual

If you have photos from the first show please let us know!

The 2016 winner for this show was Carole Plante with her chocolate lab! Quite appropriate :).


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