BVAA Third Annual Macabre Show

Halloween has us explore the darker side of artwork. The unsettling. The shadowy. The Blackstone Valley Art Association is holding their third annual Macabre show.

Canal Restaurant and Bar
65 Water St
Worcester, MA

About the Show
Spooky. Unsettling. Wisps of mists and dark shadows. Macabre brings out the fascination with the off-beat side of life.

The submission deadline for the Macabre show is Monday, October 9th, 2017. We have limited wall space here – about 15 pieces total – so what we’ll do is have each member submit an image they’d like to include. Depending on how many entries we get, we’ll see how many items we can hang per person. It’s open to all BVAA members. This is not a judged show – it is primarily a visibility and sales opportunity. Any sales will include a 20% commission taken by the BVAA. Full BVAA terms: BVAA Show Terms and Conditions

We’d like to do a hanging on Tuesday, October 10th. We realize this is short notice :). Lisa is willing to drive around gathering artwork from people. If we can’t make the 10th we can add in pieces at later dates as they become available.

We’ll have our opening reception at the Canal on Saturday, October 28th from 6-8pm. Invite friends and family – they have delicious food here!!

Pick-up for the show will be Tuesday, November 7th, when we’ll also hang fresh art to replace what we take down.

This show is Halloween. Spooky. Shadowy. Here are photos from last year – Macabre Show 2016

Use the BVAA online submission form to submit for this show.

Canal Restaurant Facebook Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: The BVAA is running TWO Macabre shows this year. One is this full-month Macabre show at the Canal Restaurant in Worcester where the artwork will get a lot of visitors and views. The Canal’s walls have space for 14 artworks so this will be a smaller show.

The other is a one-day-only pop-up show at the Alternatives Uxbridge location. Because Alternatives uses the space for other things during the week, and because we are doing this on panels in the middle of the room, we can only have it go up Friday afternoon once the space is done being used. We need everything done and out by Monday morning. BVAA Pop-Up One-Day Macabre Show Details.

You are warmly encouraged to participate in both!

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