Press Notice for 2017 Art-Poetry Show

Here’s what we’re sending around about our upcoming March 2017 Art-Poetry show:



I wanted to let you know about a cool show which will be at the Worcester Public Library for the month of March. Here’s the details. Let me know if you’d like to learn anything else! I can send images …

“Painting is silent poetry,
And poetry is painting that speaks.”
— Plutarch

The Blackstone Valley Art Association has paired up with the Sutton Writing Group and the Worcester Writers Collaborative to present an intriguing pairing of art and poetry. The venue is the Worcester Public Library main branch on Salem Street in Worcester. The dates are the entire month of March. It’s an adventure in creativity!

Here’s how it worked. Each visual artist was teamed up with a poet. The artist gave that poet a work of art. It might be a photograph, a watercolor, an oil painting, an acrylic, or anything else. The poet then had to write a poem about that work.

Happening at the same time, the poet wrote an original poem on anything they wanted. It might be an ode to snow. A haiku about raindrops. Whatever the poet chose to write, the artist now had to represent those words visually. The artist was allowed to interpret that poem in any way they wished.

The resulting pairs will be on display!

In some cases the artist did their best to literally portray the scene laid out in the poem. In other cases, the artist explored the mood or feeling of the written work. The same was true for the poets. Some poets described what might be happening in the visual image. Other poets delved into the feelings that the piece of art brought about.

We’ll be having a meet-the-artists-and-poets event during the exhibition period. Please check the Blackstone Valley Art Association’s website at to find out the date and time of that reception. On our website you’ll also be able to learn more about the artists, poets, and the works as well.

We look forward to meeting you!


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