Milford TV Nov-Dec 2016 – Small Works

Every two months we rotate the show at the Milford TV Station. The drop-off for the upcoming November-December 2016 show on the theme of “Small Works” is WEDNESDAY!!! November 2nd from 6-8pm. We get sales here during the holiday season from locals coming in for quick last-minute gifts. So small and relatively inexpensive works well!

This date is also the reception (and take down) for the existing “Cities” show. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Please bring food or drink to share!

The Milford TV Station is at 138 South Main Street.

The Milford people do the labels and hanging for us, so there is no need to use our online submission form to indicate what you’re bringing. Simply be sure to label the back of each piece with its title, your name, and the price. Milford does not take any commission on sales.

If you can’t make it on the 2nd just drop off your works any time during the week that they’re open. Call ahead to check the hours!

This show is for BVAA members only and is free to participate in. Most artists bring in three items but if you have more that’s great! In general, the items can be any size or shape – Milford has a great hanging system which can accommodate pretty much anything. That being said, for this particular show it’s small works for quick sales!

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