Seeking BVAA Photographer of Art

Many of our BVAA non-photography artists, such as oil painters, acrylic painters, illustrators, and such, would like to be able to make prints from their works. They are looking for professional help in getting a high-quality JPG version of their original image. As we all know, that can be incredibly challenging. There can be a variety of issues with flash, lighting, reflection, and more.

The BVAA is looking for one of our photographers to offer a photography service to members in need. You can set a fair price for that service. Other photographers in our area charge $10/3 artworks and $20 for up to 10, for example.

You could choose to do the photography once a month or batch them up in other ways. The aim is not for this to be a fast-demand service but rather a planned out activity.

If you’re a BVAA member who would be interested in offering this service, please let us know!

2 thoughts to “Seeking BVAA Photographer of Art”

  1. I’ll talk about it. Obviously I have done this for years and touched on the subject when I did the presentation with the LED lights this past BVAA season. I honestly have to say though if someone is charging $10 for 3 then jump on it. Thats basically giving it away. Just make sure the color management is spot on.


  2. Back in 2012, we had a painting demo from Mark Waitkus. He painted a Fenway Park street scene. At the time, he mentioned that Collins Artworks in Clinton did either scanning or printing or both for him.

    Also, at our last meeting, Dustin Neece said that, while the Wayside Inn no longer has his original work on display, they sell prints. Those who need their work reproduced might want to ask Dustin who provides his photo/scanning and printing services. Considering all that goes into getting the colors just right on the painting, I bet he has a way of delivering prints with as much color fidelity as is achievable.


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