Boston Street Photography Sept 2016

We’re planning an excursion into Boston to do some street photography. The plan is for Saturday, September 24, 2016 with a rain date of Sunday, Sept 25.

The plan is for late afternoon street photography in Central Square and early evening shooting under the Zakim Bridge from parks on the Cambridge side of the Charles.

North Point Park and adjacent Paul Revere Park.


The idea would be to leave at 2 pm from a meeting point near here and shoot in Central Square from 3 pm to 5:30 pm +/-. Then we would travel to the park (not even 15 minutes to get there), and shoot the bridge and the skyline as sunset happens and the lights come on (sunset = 6:30 per the internet). Heading back home 7:30/8, finishing the day at the local rendezvous approx 9 pm.

Dinner? Bring a sandwich, which we would eat below the Zakim. That way we don’t spend the nice-light part of the evening sitting in a restaurant.

A bonus is that Blick and Artist & Craftsman Supply, both major league art-supply retailers, are in Central Square, so a few of us will sacrifice some shooting time to browse, I bet.

Another bonus is that the Lynch Family Skatepark is under the Zakim, too, right next to the parks.

Let us know if you’re interested!

3 thoughts to “Boston Street Photography Sept 2016”

  1. At last night’s meeting, during Bob’s review of activities on our calendar, I suggested that we could meet at 2 pm at the Ocean State Job Lot parking lot. How about the south border of the lot, between Burger King and Koopman’s?

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