Minutes from Meeting 15Dec15

Minutes of brief BVAA business meeting prior to holiday party December 15, 2015

• Pam Siderewicz explained that the Board is in the process of updating the BVAA bylaws.
Examples of changes:
Frequency of meetings from once every other month to every month
Membership open to everyone rather than just those in the Blackstone Valley
Changing from “he” to more gender-neutral references
Deleting outdated standing committees
• The motion was made and seconded to approve the Board’s changes to the bylaws. The vote was unanimous.

New members were announced and welcomed
• A new membership list is being compiled.

• Lisa is doing the publicity for the January show at Alternatives.
• 4 pieces were sold at the Alternatives show. We hope to be included next year as well.
• 3 pieces were sold at the Holiday Pops Concert. Teaming with the Claflin Hill Symphony Orchestra is a good match for BVAA.
• A venue is needed for the Spring show.

Holiday party and gift swap
A good time was had by all!

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