Minutes of BVAA Meeting 17Nov15

Minutes of BVAA meeting 17Nov15
Claflin Symphony and Art Show
  • Very well received
  • 10-12 artists, more than 50 pieces
  • We have opportunity to continue for rest of season
  • The Christmas show would be a good one for us
  • 17 panels used (note: we have 30 panels total)
  • Note: we need entry titles in advance to prepare tags
  • Anne McNevin to co-ordinate the next show
Secretary Position
  • Thank you to, Carol Dandrade and Marie Cafferty for volunteering.
  • After discussing with both we are pleased to announce that Carol will be the new Secretary
By Laws
  • As our current by-laws are out of date and inaccurate we are revising them and will put to the vote at our Christmas Party
Small Saturday at Alternatives in Whitinsville, 28Nov15 10-5
  • Volunteers required, contact Carol Frieswick
  • Bin art is welcome, all sales will be via Alternatives with 25% commission
  • Drop-off bin art by Wednesday 25Nov15 9-4 or Sat. morning at 10 am.
Millbury Chain of Lights
  • 6Dec15
  • Details will be sent shortly in newsletter
  • Lisa will bring credit card reader Sat, Carol F on Sun.
Claflin Holiday Concert
  • Details to be sent shortly in newsletter
Christmas Party 15Dec15 6:30
  • Food will be from Oliva’s
  • Please bring desserts and beverages of choice
Submission acknowledgements
  • Please scroll down to see submission details and use for artwork
Tapestry show at Alternatives in Uxbridge has been judged and winners will be posted on 5Dec15
Pam and Bob

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