Milford TV Show 2015-2016 schedule

A reminder of our Milford TV 2015-2016 schedule. Each show runs for two months and has a theme. These shows are free to participate in – bring as many works as you want, in whatever sizes you want. They’ll find a way to get them to fit :).

Sep-Oct – Blackstone Valley
Nov-Dec – Small Gifts for Gift Giving
Jan-Feb – Black and White
Mar-Apr – Green
May-Jun – Florals
Jul-Aug – Summer

The reception / drop-off is always the last Thursday of the month before the show begins. So August 27th is the drop-off for the Sep-Oct Blackstone Valley show as well as the reception for the just-about-to-end Water/Fairs/AmusementParks show. Artists then take their works home with them at the end of the reception. We all bring food & wine to share and guests are warmly welcome!

If you can’t make it on that last Thursday, just give the Milford TV Station a call. They’re open a wide range of hours on most days. Let them know when you’d like to come in and they’ll help you figure it out. It’s fine to bring in works on subsequent days. They’ll get them in to the show somehow. They’re quite flexible!

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