Gallery Wall Painting Project – August 2018

Painting Deadline of September 7, 2018 for the first opening of our 61st year! The painting press is on!!

Our Blackstone Valley Art Association gallery in Uxbridge is beautiful. We have art shows there, seminars on marketing your art, workshops on photography, classes on oil painting, and much, much more. And now it’s time to give it a fresh paint job!

We are very fortunate to have experienced wall-painter Pamela Siderewicz in our midst. Our past president is leading the charge on repainting the wall surfaces. We will be painting the wall and trim light gray, while leaving the brick in its natural state. The trim will be painted a glossy light gray while the walls will be painted a washable eggshell light gray. Both will help us showcase art of all varieties, while hiding the random marks that happen in a location such as this.


There are two dates in this process, and it’s important we get through both dates in order to be ready for our grand opening of the Show of Hands art show reception on Friday, September 7th, 2018. We need to get our painting done in one fell swoop. Then the hanging systems need to be installed, so that we can put the show up on the walls with that hanging system. This all needs to be done and complete before our Friday, September 7th show reception :).

We can do it!!

Friday, August 31st, 2018 4:30-6:30pm
We’ll have music and snacks. We need a group of people to assist with the preparations for painting. We’ll sand the spackle spots, vacuum the floor, and wipe down the trim and baseboards. It should be fairly quick and easy. If we can get enough people on Friday we could even start painting the trim. That way Saturday can be all about the main painting. Please let us know if you can come out on Friday.

Saturday, September 1st, 2018 8am-4pm
This is the main painting event. Again, Pam has done this many times before. We will begin in the morning with the trim. We’ll deal with getting the gloss on the trim areas. This will involve taping the walls and then small types of painting. Then, once the trim is done, we’ll move on to the larger walls. This will be where rollers and larger motions are involved. Pam has ladders and we have several ladder-fine people handling that, so you won’t have to go onto the ladders. We just need people who can handle moving rollers in lines. We’ll do two coats total, so while one section is drying we’ll work on the opposite section.

We’ll enjoy music, snacks, and fun. Let’s plan for 8am to 4pm and you can schedule a segment of that time. That way we have people rotating through to lend a hand.

We’ll need all sorts of people, so even if you’re not good with painting, you can help with other things. We’ll bring in pizza and there’s plenty of other things to eat in this area, too. Wear casual clothing :).

It’ll be a fun group event and in the end our gallery will be beautiful! Plus, with the new hanging system installed, we won’t ever be putting holes into the walls going forward, so our beautiful paint job will last years and years. This may be the only time we ever paint the walls. Don’t miss out on the fun! Get your chance to make history!

Please contact us at with when you’ll be able to help out. Together we’ll make this happen!

Thank you so so much to everyone who pulled this project off! Here’s the details of how successful we were!

BVAA Wall Painting and Hanging Project Complete!

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