Art Poetry 2019 – S. M. Nevermore and Trisha Wooldridge

For our 2019 Art & Poetry pairing, one pairing was with poet S. M. Nevermore and artist Trisha Wooldridge.

Here are the works they created!

Trisha Wooldridge provided this artwork to S. M. :

In response, S.M. wrote the following poem:

Scusset Beach Witch Pile

Let’s play a little game, they say
One that will make our enemies pay.

The sacrifice we make
Will leave destruction in our wake.

By Earth by Water by Air
By darkened spirit we call to share.

Darkness heed our call
Black magic is ours to control.

You forced our hand our revenge is assured
You will suffer for all we have endured.

Sticks and stones will break these bones
Darkness use these gifts, take these souls.

By roll of ocean under moon
Darkened waters be their tomb.

Curse, hex, and jinx we cast
Send the pain, make it last.

For what was done to use three
Will be returned but times three.

By hair, by skin, by nerve
May they get exactly what they deserve.

The second half of this pairing involved S. M. giving Trisha a poem as a starting point. S. M. provided this poem:


The flower never picked
Is it so different from the rest?

Its blooms are just as sweet
Its colors shine just as bright.

It yearns to grow
It strives to be as all flowers should be.

What makes this one different?
It the stem too wide?
The petals not bloomed large enough?
Is it too tall or too short?
What standard has it missed?

It wants to be seen.
It wants to be unique.

It wants to be part of the bouquet.
Or singled out for its charm.

Is it so different, so unwanted
That it must walk its path alone?

Does no one see
The beauty that it brings?

In response, Trisha provided this photograph:

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