Past Events – 2014 – WeeGee in Salem

Bob Evans brainstormed an amazing trip to Salem, Massachusetts on October 25, 2014 to shoot photos in the black-and-white WeeGee style. He did a lecture first so we understood what WeeGee photography was all about, and then a bunch of us went out to take photos! We then selected our best ones and had a Facebook voting contest.

Take a look at the photos and see which you would have voted for. Then scroll down for the results!

OK, here’s the results of our mini contest in reverse order

1 Like:
Pam ‘Tour’ 3538A
Pam ‘Bellatrix’ 3659

Libia ‘Over Your Shoulder’
Libia ‘All White’
Judy ‘Red Witch’ 0977
Lisa ‘Dream Scene’ Lisa2

Libia ‘Decision Moment’ -3 Likes

and the winner is !!

Pam-‘Guitar Player’ 3618A_B

Great job everyone !!

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