Past Events – 2013 – Spaightwood Gallery Visit

For a couple of hours on February 23rd, 2013 we discovered a hidden gem in Upton – the Spaightwood Gallery.


Spaightwood Gallery co-owner Andy Weiner greeted us at the entrance of the former church. A double row of Albrecht Durer works in various media that hang on the perimeter walls give us a taste of the vast collection. Above those works, Garache’s famous nudes in black or red tones are also being featured. In addition to the artwork, numerous reference books are for sale lined in bookcases beneath the featured art.

Throughout the center of the room, many shelved tables stored the thousands of print works in archival boxes. Requesting to look at some abstract art, Andy pulled the Miro box and proceeded to give us interesting backgrounds to many of the lithographs. One particular piece that stood out was a 4 inch square litho of Miro’s response to Picasso’s enormous Guernica painting. Obviously, there was no love lost there between the two of them.

The larger print collection was next to being viewed. Vibrant colors abound in the works.

We lastly were treated to view his private collection in the bottom floor where he and his wife Sonja reside. Garache, other contemporary artists and old world paintings mix effortlessly in the eclectic collection

If you ever get a chance on the weekends to visit Spaightwood Gallery, do go and browse. There is something for everyone. Check it out!

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